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Glass Pendant Tutorial By Pat Winter of Gatherings

If you gather your supplies first, you can easily make several pendants in no time. I usually piece and embellish my mini CQ inserts several at a time before I sit down to assemble the jewelry.

These items are what I use. You may use different items, but this is what I like to work with and have good results.

1-Flux which lets solder adhere to copper tape and jump rings or wire.

2-Lead free solder is safe to wear against skin and when burning.

3-I prefer 1/4" copper foil tape and I use two lengths. I foil around one side, then the next, overlapping tape. I press it down using a bone tool that is used to crease folds.

4-Small clamps are used as spare "hands" to hold piece upright while soldering.

5-Pliers are used to hold jump ring in place when soldering such a small area so you don't burn fingers.

6-Wire cutters to cut solder and any wire you may decorate with, like when you add beads or charms to finished piece.

7-I bought glass microscope slides from eBay, and my Vet's office. They are inexpensive, but they are heavy and postage costs more than the whole box. If you can buy them from Vet, do so. Make sure you buy the clear, not frosted. I also prefer the cleaned and ground edge slides.

8-Any soldering iron will do. I have three different sizes and they all work fine. I found a small one at a tag sale which is great for attaching the jump rings. It is good practice to buy a soldering gun me :-0

Hints: I work on a clean large round pizza disc. (Your local pizza place will give you a few if you are a regular customer) Do not lay soldering iron on this pizza disc!!!!I clean my glass before, during and after I work with a lint free paper towel and window cleaner. This helps the flux work better too.Do not work when child or pet is in the room. One pull on the cord and OUCH!I will continue this tutorial tomorrow showing process to a finished piece.

I always clean both sides of each slide well. Trim project to 1"x3".

(#1)I then lay down a slide, piece of decorative paper face down,(#2) my mini CQ face up, and another slide to make my "sandwich". Using copper foil tape, adhere all around piece catching both front and back piece of glass.

(#3) If your piece is thick, foil around middle, then foil back and front slides by placing tape half on slide and half on side of piece. Use bone tool to gently smooth copper foil all around sides, front and back. If your piece has petite beads or mini charms, applying too much pressure with bone tool can break your slide. Using short piece of copper foil tape, adhere jump ring to top center of piece. Press firmly with bone tool or this will come off when flux is applied. Clean all over again. Flux with disposable brush. I use the metal ones found in the model dept. They are very inexpensive. All hardware stores carry them too. Do not over flux, but do flux all over.

Flux allows the solder to stick to foil. With slide piece standing in a clamp (no hands) touch your soldering iron to your solder until you get some melted onto iron. Glide soldering iron against slide piece. Solder should flow off onto copper foil tape. I melt a bit extra near the jump ring. Use the mini clamps to turn your piece so you are always soldering on a flat side otherwise it will drip down into a ball.

Remember the glass piece is extremely HOT! Use clamps ! Let piece cool and clean again using window cleaner. If you have rough edges, these may be sanded with fine grit sand paper or emery board. You can paint or leave natural solder color. I hope this helps, it is only from my experience. I have taken no class or had any instruction on making these however following this tutorial will get the results I get....a nice pendant to give or keep. Photos cont............

Pat has also created a photo tutorial of her Glass Slide Tutorial.

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  1. What a great set of instructions. I can't wait to try your tip on attaching the jump ring using an extra piece of copper tape. I have been struggling attaching the jump rings to my soldered projects.

  2. I second Arlene's comment. I have trouble with that too. I can do it, but I'm always looking for easier ways!