Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How-To Make Polymer Clay Alpha Cabs From Monica Magness of Girl Gone Thread Wild

How To Make Polymer Clay Alpha Cabs

I had a request to show the necessary steps for making my Alpha Cabs.

Have fun creating different variations of alpha cabs and please feel free to sell your finished pieces!

To start, preheat oven to 275'.

Gather up several molds- choose molds with faces, textures & alphabet impressions.

Condition your clay.

Make a 2"+ diameter ball and roll it into a snake-like piece.

I like to run my molds under cold water prior to use.

Push one end of the clay into the face mold.

For EASY release, chill in freezer 2-3 minutes PRIOR to removing clay from mold.

Smooth out any indentations above the eyes with your fingers and impress the forehead area with your alphabet mold.

Trim away excess clay to form a rectangular shape around face & letter.

I've been known to use a playing card to shape my cab.

Using a toothpick, redefine the facial features(nose holes, dimples, etc).

Place your unbaked cabs in a GLASS dish and bake 15 minutes total.

I generally set an alarm for 15 minutes and set off to work on another project during baking time so not to forget about & over bake the cabs.

After cooling, set out to paint your alpha cabs with acrylic paints and stains in a variety of colors.
Varnish and enjoy.

Alpha Cabs can be added to altered books,journals, fabric books, art purses and any art piece that will hold a 2 1/2"-4" cab.

Please respect Monica's Terms of Use: Have fun creating different variations of alpha cabs and please feel free to sell your finished pieces! My Polymer Clay Alpha Cabs tutorial may not be copied, reprinted, emailed or distributed by any means without my permission.

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  1. Thank you Linda for this opportunity to share my how-to post with the bloggy world. I'm thrilled with the way the article turned out and YES! I'll certainly be sharing more projects with you in the near future. How truly fun your blog is! Art on & upwards, Monica :)