Friday, January 18, 2008

Floral Arrangement Tutorial From Jane Lindsey of Snapdragon

Summer candle holder
An ideal table centre for a summer party with old roses and parsley flowers.

Step 1 - You will need - suitable holder, oasis brick, plastiv candle holder, candle, flower food.

Float the oasis brick in warm water mixed with flower food until it sinks of its own accord.

Step 2 - Cut the oasis into suitable sizes and measure round the container.

Carefully cut the oasis so that it will fit snugly into your container.

Step 3 - Add a candle holder centrally in your oasis.

Make sure it is perfectly vertical or the candle will lean to one side.

Step 4 - Carefully thread the stems into the oasis, ensuring that it is all covered.

Put candle into holder.

Alternative arrangement with white daisies.

July's Flower Tutorial

Here's what Jane had to say about her flower tutorial on her Snapdragon's Garden blog

I have finally got round to putting up July's tutorial on how to make a rose candle holder with oasis.

The containers I used are small zinc holders - I only sell these at Christmas for people to make their own arrangements but in the meantime they can be got from Caroline Zoob's online store after July 30th (she is closed till then). They are very useful things. As well as being lovely taper holders in their own right you can float flowers round them, fill them with small shells, sweets, beans or make them more elaborate with oasis and a flower arrangement round a bigger candle as here.

A cup and saucer also works well.

I use them all the time for weddings where they also make great place card holders with a bit of looped wire jammed with blutack into the candle hole.

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