Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tote Bag Pattern From Henrietta of Henrietta's Handbags & Purse Patterns

Make your own bag! Follow these simple instructions and in no time at all you will have a handbag or tote bag as individual as you are! More free patterns available!


. 1 yard of fabric (anything you like)
. Thread to match the fabric
. 1 yard of lining fabric (I like a subtle print like ginghambut anything that matches or contrasts with your main fabric will do)
. Two 12x11" sheets of backing (This is to give the purse fabric stability. Iron-on backing is easiest to use, simply follow ironing directions on the packaging. My favorite is Pellon.)


1. Cut two 12X11" pieces of your purse fabric and two of your lining fabric.
2. Cut one 4x24" piece of purse fabric for the handle of the handbag.
3. Cut two 12x11" pieces of backing and attach to the purse fabric according to manufacturer's instructions. With right sides together, sew the two sides and bottom of the handbag fabric, leaving the top open.

4. For the handle: fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together. Sew along the lengthwise edge.

5. Trim the seam cutting as close to the sewing line as possible and carefully turn the handle right side out.
6. For the lining: take the two pieces, right sides together, sew along the bottom and sides leaving a 3" opening at the bottom of the bag.

7. To attach the lining to the bag: place the finished lining on the outside of the body of the handbag. The right sides of the lining and handbag fabrics should be together. Line up the edges of the lining and the bag and sew these together, leaving a 2" gap one either side of the bag for the handles.

8. Turn the handbag right side out through the 3" gap in the lining.

9. Attach the handles by inserting ends into the side openings left in thehandbag. Fold down the fabric edges and topstitch closed.

10. Finally, hand or machine stitch the gap in the lining.


TERMS OF USE: Patterns cannot be reproduced for sale (the patterns themselves and the bags). Crafters are welcome to make them for themselves and they also may make up the bags and sell them at local craft fairs, shows, etc.

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Henrietta's Bio - I have always loved purses since I was a little girl and followed a family tradition - my mother made my purses (which I still have!). It makes me very happy to find a unique fabric and to transform it into a purse - there is no better sense of satisfaction for me!

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