Thursday, October 18, 2007

KoolAid Purse Pattern From Henrietta of Henrietta's Handbags & Purse Patterns

Make a handbag from recycled juice boxes.

You will need:
7 - 10 juice pouches

You may purchase straps such as ribbon (gross grain) or anything else that catches your fancy that can be made into straps!

To Prepare Your Pouches:

. Cut out the bottom of the pouch without separating the front of the pouch from the back. This is to facilitate washing the pouches throughly so they don't make a mess when you start to sew! Wash throughly with soap and water and machine dry on low setting for about 20 minutes - it takes too long to dry naturally!
. We are making a small purse so we will only use 2 pouches across the front and 2 pouches across the back. If you want your purse bigger, you can use more pouches and adjust the pattern accordingly.
. For the front of your purse, overlap 2 of the pouches putting them side by side. Do a zig zag stitch down the middle with the front of the pouches up (the top needle make a cleaner pattern than the bobbin side).
. Do the same as above for the back of your purse.
. For the bottom of your koolaid purse, overlap 2 pouches from top to bottom and zigzag stitch.
. For the sides, use 1 pouch for each side.
. Attach the front and back panel to each side, leaving about 1/4" to 1/2" unsewn at bottom of handbag.
. Sew both side panels to the front and back of your purse.
. Attach the bottom of the handbag to the bottom of your front, back, and side panels, folding down where you left the bottom unsewn. I think it is easier to attach your bag together at the sides first, then sew along the longer seams at the front and back of your bag.
. For handles, you can use ribbon or you can use additional juice pouches to make your own handles. Simply sew to pouches top to bottom, cut the desired width of your handles, and fold back on each long side (about 1/4") and zig zag stitch both sides. Fold down the top of your bag about 1/2" (to hide juice drink tops and to make the top even) and, if you like, add some trim (I prefer eyelash trim - it's easy to sew and looks really cute!

TERMS OF USE: Patterns cannot be reproduced for sale (the patterns themselves and the bags). Crafters are welcome to make them for themselves and they also may make up the bags and sell them at local craft fairs, shows, etc.

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Henrietta's Bio - I have always loved purses since I was a little girl and followed a family tradition - my mother made my purses (which I still have!). It makes me very happy to find a unique fabric and to transform it into a purse - there is no better sense of satisfaction for me!

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