Thursday, February 22, 2007

Knitting E-Patterns From Ruth of Woolly Wormhead

If you love to knit funky hats then you will love Woolly Wormheads (aka Ruth) knit hats. Ruth is extremely creative and has been knitting since she was 3 and offers some of her knit hat creations as free E-Patterns on her Woolly Wormhead website.

Show below are a few of her free knit hat E-Patterns that she has on the free patterns page of her Woolly Wormhead website.  Just click on the picture or hat name for the free E-Pattern and knitting instructions.

Please note Ruth's Copyright Terms of Use below.

Jester Hat - by Woolly Wormhead

Here's what Ruth had to say about this pattern:  I love this hat, for the sheer simplicity of design. It can be knit on any gauge and can have from 1 to 3 ears/points (is there a technical name for the jester 'prongs'?) I have made it with 4, yet it got a bit tight on the needles... still, it can be done. The 2 or 1 point versions can even be knit on straights if you're not keen on working in the round. Convert it to crochet? No problem. The only thing I'd say about working in the round - due to the nature of the rapid increases at the top, I think circulars would be a bit tricky - they get tight enough on DPN's. The only other disadvantage I can think of right now is that psychologically, it can be a bit of a chore working towards the top.... most knitted hats decrease towards the crown and the thought of the end being near is a pleasant one. Here, it's the reverse... but hang in there and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Rollin' Beret - by Woolly Wormhead

Here's what Ruth had to say about this pattern: Tom keeps pointing out to me that I'm not writing any of the patterns down that I develop... Y'know, my hats just seem to grow all by themselves. Anyhow, here's one that has stuck in memory and been scribbled down for all to share. It's even been tested twice. Rock on.

Ribbed Beanie - A quick Hat knitted in the round using a bold rib. Chunky yarn, 5.5mm DPN's an a gauge of 16sts to 10cm/4 inches. Ideal for all knitting abilities.

You can find many more free knitting patterns on Woolly Wormhead's FREE patterns page.

Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved - Woolly Wormhead
Copyright:-Hate to do this folks, but it's my design and so the rights belong to me. Feel free to use this pattern for your own, private use, but not for commercial reproduction or selling in either written or finished form without prior permission from
me, ok? Cool. Let's be friends.

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