Thursday, February 22, 2007

How To Make Your Own Dried Orange Slices By Debbie Hainline

Drying Orange Slices
Drying your own orange slices is quite easy and is a wonderful addition to potpourri, wreaths and garland for the coming holiday season.You usually are able to cut 12 slices from an orange.
Choose fruit that is in good condition and not too ripe.
Cut each roange crosswise into 1/4 inch slices
Place slices between paper towels and remove as much moisture as possible.
Spray a cookie sheet with non stick vegetable spray ( oranges contain alot of sugar and have a tendency to get sticky making them stick to the pan) and place the orange slices in a single layer, do not let any of them touch.
Dry in a 150 degree oven for approxiamately 6 hours. Check every 1/2 hour. If the fruit appears to be turning brown the oven is too hot. Shut off for 15 minutes and start again. Turn fruit over if the edges appear to be curling.
When dry the fruit slices should be pliable.
This same method can be used for drying any type of citrus fruit. They may also be sprayed with shellac before using.
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