Thursday, February 22, 2007

How To Make Rag Garland by Debbie Hainline

Making Rag Garland

Making a rag garland is so simple and a great way to use up all of those fabric scraps you have lying around. They are great to use as swag and on trees. You can even do this on strings of lights instead of the the twine to make them even more festive.


Scraps of homespun and other types of fabric


Cut a piece of twine 5" longer than the length of the finished swag you want.

Make a fold at each end about 2 1/2 " long and tie it into a knot, leaving a loop for hanging.

Cut fabric strips 2" x 6". Each strip will take up about 1/4" of space on the garland so the length of the twine will determine how many strips you will need. For example for each 12 " of garland you will need 48 fabric strips. You can experiment with the strips to make it more or less full to your liking.

Tie each strip of fabric into a knot around the twine, centering the knot on the fabric strip. Repeat for each strip of fabric.

This takes some time but is great project to do in the evening watching tv. The possibilites are endless with the different fabrics you use.

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