Thursday, February 22, 2007

How To Make A Grungy Candle By Debbie Hainline

Grungy candles are very easy to make and just take a little time and patience.


Pillar or regular stick candles - I look for these on sale or at backyard sales.
Spices such as cinnamon, crushed cloves,ginger,allspice, grated lemon peel, grated orange peel (use any mix of these spices you like)
Fragrance oil such as cinnamon ( you can scent these or not)
Paint brush
Wax paper


Carefully melt your wax adding the fragrance if you like.

Place wax paper on your table and add any mix of the above spices.

Paint one strip on the candle and then while the wax is still hot, roll that part into the spices. Continue until completed.

Let your candle dry for at least 48 hours before using.

Try very hard not to get the hot wax and spices on your candle wick. But, you can apply extra wax on the candle to look like candle wax is melting down the candle.

A word of warning: Do not light these candles they are for decorative purposes only. If you are going to sell these or give them away be sure to include a warning with them.

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