Thursday, February 22, 2007

Free Graphic Outlines From Denise Bailey

Shown below are some of the FREE Graphic Outlines by Denise Bailey.

Denise Bailey's Terms of Use - Outlines
These outlines have been created by me. Credit must be given to me for the original image - ©Neenee.

You may:

use in graphics program to colorize, paint, make siggies
use as outline for stitching projects
use as outline for wood projects
sell your 'craft' creation using my outline, please give credit for original art work to me

You may not:

Alter my original design and call it your own
offer my original design for download
sell my original graphic / outline

If you have questions re: usage please email me at

Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Denise Bailey (aka NeeNee) who is a 54 year old mom & grandma who has been crafting for over 34 years for myself and family but only in the last 2 years have been actively crafting for profit via craft shows, eBay and an EZshoppe. My 'specialties' are primitives, country and folkart creations.I also love to create graphics. I was interested in drawing since I was very young, taking art classes all through high school. I always thought I'd go to an art school after graduation, but instead I got married and started a family. Six years ago, I purchased my first computer, and found PSP. I've been hooked since and have taught myself to make my own graphics using PSP's vector & nodes tool. My website is: KKL Primitives -  My Blogs are: The Krazy Kraft Lady - and Menopausal Monster -

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