Friday, December 08, 2006

Fargo Rose Tutorial For Susan by Jo Newsham

Bring the needle thru to the front of the fabric. I measure where I will place my knot by the length of the needle, but you can make it as long or as short as you like, but I do think they need 4 to 5 petals (wraps) to look on.

wrap the ribbon once around the needle, the same as a french knot. The tail of the ribbon , that is under my thumb (just the way I like it LOL) stays there for the whole process. It keeps the knot secure.

Take the needle thru the ribbon about 1 cm approx ( just under 1/2 inch). You can make the distance as much as you like, it will give you larger, loopier petals. I recommend that you try to keep the distance consistant, whatever you decide. Starting smaller and getting bigger didn't really work for me. Unless you are doing about a foot of wraps, the rose looks a little lopsided. (my other hand would be holding the bottom of the ribbon taut, but I had to let go to take pic! Sorry to state the obvious, but you might mistake me for some freaky one handed fargo rose genius)

Your needle is now at the 'back' of the ribbon. I like to wrap the ribbon under, bringing the needle back to the front, then take it back thru to the back. I like the wrapped look, but you can do them with just a running stitch down the ribbon toward the fabric. Again, try to keep the distance even.

This is the start of the third wrap. I take the needle thru the middle of the ribbon, but play around and see what effects you get if you put it closer to one side than the other.

Here the needle is going back down thru the fabric. I have taken the needle back thru the ribbon one last time , close to the fabric, if I don't do this, I find one petal is always much longer than the rest, so that works for me. My thumb is still holding that tail......all thats about to change....

Here I have changed the thumb I secure the tail with... so I have my hand available to go under the fabric. Don't pull the knot too tight yet. Once your needle is thru all the ribbon and fabric, but before you pull it tight, give a little tug on that tail, that will tighten up the knot and give you a nice centre

Here I have tugged the tail and am securing it again, and am pulling the needle thru's all about to happen.....

WOOHOO, you have a fargo rose. It does take practise, so get off the computer and go do twenty in a row. I must say that this one turned out even better than usually, which is always preferable when trying to teach something. You may have to twist the rose a little to place the petals evenly, and I will sometimes secure with a hidden stitch (thread not ribbon) to stop it untwisting.

I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions, please comment, any suggested improvements, please comment, heck just comment, cos that makes me feel good.

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