Friday, December 08, 2006

Cone Fetish by Robin Bartoletti

I love those little Christmas Cones that were used to hold candy and small gifts. They were quite popular in Victorian England. I am making a crop of cones for Christmas:

Materials needed:

Purse template from Draggin' Ink 1-2 pieces of cardstock or prepared foil paper (see instructions below)24" of cording, ribbon, raffia or twisted paper tissue paperdouble stick tape or glue (tacky glue is great!)scissorspencil (for tracing)


holiday stickers or paper punches, brass fasteners aluminum foil, Mylar, sticky back paper, miniature ornament

Prepare the foil paper as follows: use enough aluminum foil or Mylar to cover the sticky back paper. Apply the sticky back paper carefully to foil or Mylar. Using a brayer or your thumb start at one edge and work your way to the other edge of the paper smoothing the paper along the way.

Single cone: marking notches, trace and cut out the basic pattern. DO NOT score the piece. Line up the edge with the tab to the first marked notch. Secure with double stick tape or tacky glue (hold in place with paper clips if necessary). Decorate if desired. With equal spacing, make four small holes 2" from the top. Run the cording, ribbon, etc., thru the holes, tying the ends together on the inside. Use tissue paper to line the inside of the cone, bringing the corners together and tying with ribbon.

Copyright © 2006—All Rights Reserved - Written By Robin on her "Urban Debris" Blog. Robin is a mixed media and digital artist.

Robin's Bio - My name: Robin Bartoletti. Pronounced "bar-to-let-tee". I live in Oklahoma,though I will always be a Texan at heart. I work in the education and technology field as a faculty member, but prefer working with my hands on things I can touch and feel. Pixels are great, but crafts are better. My artlog is a visual journal of crafts, zakka, altered art, embellished art, collage, mixed media and assemblage. I have Things to Do, handmades and patterns, neat-o creative things to buy, and of course free fun images to download for use in your own artwork.

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