Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turning Tiny Fingers Free Tutorial by Kerry Seymour

Turning Tiny Fingers FREE Tutorial by Kerry Seymour

I hope someone finds help with this tutorial!

Stitch around your arm template using a very small stitch, I use a "1" or less on my stitch length dial. Try to take at least 2 stitches between each finger. I always square off the tips of my fingers, seems to give them a rounder look when turned. Yes that is pencil mark you see, it isn't as bad as it appears but still it shouldn't be there. Bad, Bad Me!

Here I have the arms cut from the fabric, I left a seam allowance of about 1/8"

Here I have cut between the fingers. I could not get a real close view with my camera, but what you need to do is cut in deep between each finger right to the seam allowance. Clip the seam at the top of the fingers very close also.

I've inserted a tube into this thumb to check for the best fit and also this will help me see if there is more I have to trim from the tip.

Ready to turn those fingers? You will need two tubes, one smaller then the other. The larger tube will be inserted into a finger and the smaller tube will be used on the outside of the finger.

Place the smaller tube on the outside right over the seam
at the tip of the finger.

Here you can see the small tube on the outside, the larger tube is inserted into a finger. What your going to do is roll the fabric up and over the smaller tube with the larger tube. Wet your fingers if you need to for better grip.

Woo Hoo! Two more to go! A common misunderstanding: You are not actually going to push the finger into the inserted larger tube, you are rolling the fabric of the finger up and over the smaller tube on the outside of the finger.

All finger turned! Wasn't that easy!

After the fingers have been turned it is time to turn the whole hand to the outside. I use a hemostat to reach in and grab the fingers. Be careful when doing this not to tug and make sure you have a good grip on the fabric. Pull the hand to the outside and straighten the fingers by inserting one of the tubes inside each finger.

Two lovely hands! How about inserting the pipe cleaners?

You'll need 10 pipe cleaners each folded in half, a hemostat and either masking tape or floral tape.

Guide each folded end of a pipe cleaner into a finger using the hemostat.

For my arm I will keep the total length of pipe cleaner so I have wrapped the entire length of pipe cleaner with masking tape. Wrap from the wrist to the length desired. You may need wire cutters to trim off any excess pipe cleaner that you won't need.

TA DA! You did it!

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