Thursday, November 16, 2006

Recycled Craft - Crafty Ideas To Recycle Tins And Cans by Liza Schmitt

Recycled Craft - Crafty Ideas To Recycle Tins And Cans
By: Liza Schmitt

Recycled craft ideas are a great and inexpensive way to make use of items commonly found in your home.

Here are a few fun ideas for recycled tins and cans:

Pretty Picnic Flower Pots
If you’re having a picnic party theme at home, get a few medium sized tins that would suit having a few freshly picked flowers in them. Near the top, make two holes on opposite sides – probably best to ask your dad, husband or brother to help! Thread some pretty ribbon through and tie it at the top, this will be used to hang the tin from the branches of trees or the rafters of your patio. Go into your garden and pick a few pretty fresh flowers and some foliage, and pop them into the tins with some water. If you have the time and creativity, you could also glue some pretty fabric to the tins, or spray paint them in the color/s of your theme.

Pen and Pencil Holders
Everyone will ask you where you got them! Choose the size or sizes that suit you, then decorate the tins on the outside – you could glue fabric around and finish with a trim of pretty cord at the top, or spray paint them the color you choose.

Gift Containers
Here again you can use any size or shape that fits the gift. Simply wrap it with colored cellophane paper and tie together at the top with a pretty ribbon.

Candle Holders
These are lovely for an evening function, to line a path or down a staircase outside. Try find some low tins or cans, tie a pretty ribbon/bow around each one, and use a tealight candle or other low candle inside.

Waste Paper Baskets
Using the same suggestions above, either cover them with some pretty fabric and finish off with a trim of cord or feathers, or simply spray paint to the color you want.

Craft Supply Containers
Label them with the contents they’re going to hold. You can even get quite creative – instead of storing them in a cupboard or shelf unit (which would probably be more difficult to get to) keep them on top of a spare desk or dresser, but dress them up first! You can wrap them with pretty leftover pieces of fabric, even rope, or spray paint them to the color/s you prefer.

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