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Amy, The Many Blessings Angel FREE Doll Pattern by Kerry Seymour

Amy The Many Blessings Angel
8 ½" long by 5 ½" sitting angel doll.
© Kerry Seymour 2003


scrap of muslin large enough for head, hands and feet
1/4 yard cotton fabric for body ( will make at least two)
scrap satin type fabric
poly fiber fil
poly plastic pellets
freezer paper
pinking shears
two- Wimpole Street 3 “ heart doilies
hand sewing needle and matching thread
acrylic paints, gel pens, color pencils your choice
( I used black, blue, white, pink and red acrylic paint
and a brown and red gel pen, and red color pencil)
paint brushes
Grip glue
spray sealer
1/8" wired metallic ribbon
gold cord 1/8" wide
2" x 3 ½" wired ribbon
raw wool curls (Cloth Doll Supply)

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You need: one front body cut on fold-one back body cut on fold-two hands sewn on doubled fabric and two feet sewn on doubled fabric. The body is pattern pieces and the head, hands and feet are templates. The body pieces use an 1/8" seam allowance which is included. I always use freezer paper even for pattern pieces, so that is what I’ll be referring to in the instructions.

Body: Transfer all pattern and templates pieces to freezer paper, and cut out. Place body front and back pieces on fold of fabric RST, press and cut out around freezer paper. Remove freezer paper. Sew the darts in the body back, press downward. Clip the neck, hands and feet openings with pinking shears or turn under 1/4" either way is fine. Pin the body back over the body front, matching the crotch first, then the shoulders, underarms, foot and arm openings. You may have to adjust slightly to fit. Sew shoulder seam, side and underarm seams and then the crotch seam. Trim seams, clip the crotch and under the arms. Turn RSO , press and set aside.

Hands, Feet and Head: Press the hand and foot templates to the wrong side of doubled fabric and sew around the hand and foot making two of each, leaving open where indicated on template. Remove template and trim close to stitching and turn RSO. Press the head template tothe wrong side of doubled fabric RST and stitch, leaving the top of the head open. Remove template and trim close to stitching. Turn head RSO.

With hemostat stuff the hands and feet all to within ½" of the opening, with needle and thread hand gather the opening shut about 1/4" from the opening on both the hands and the feet.

With hemostat and fiber fil stuff the head and neck firmly to within ½" from the top. Finger press the raw edges 1/4" to the inside and with needle and doubled thread hand gather the opening shut. Before fastening off add more fiber fil to round and fil in the head. Pull up gathers and tie off securely.

Painting the face: you can paint the face now or wait until the head is attached to the body. Use the face diagram included if you wish. Painting instructions are not included. I’ll be happy to offer help with painting if you need it. After painting spray with sealer to protect and seal the paint.

Attaching arms and legs : First gather the lower edge of a leg about 1/4" from the pinked edge. Leave the thread and needle attached. Insert the un-stuffed upper portion of a foot into the opening, pin to hold, pull up the gathers around the foot and with same thread re-gather around the leg catching in the upper foot as you go. Pull up gathers and tie off securely. Repeat for other foot and both of the hands.

Filling the body: Stuff the lower legs about 1" from pinked edge with fiber fil. Add poly pellets filling up to the darts on the body back. Stuff the rest of her body with fiber fil, including her arms. Do not over stuff or she won’t sit prettily.

Hand gather 1/4" from the neck edge. Insert the neck into the gathered opening, pin to hold and pull up the gathers. Gather around again catching in the neck securely as you do, secure the thread and tie off.

Hair: Spread a thin layer of Grip glue over the back , top and side of head where you’ll be adding hair. Take small bundles of the wool hair and with needle and matching thread randomly sew to the dolls head, it doesn’t take much maybe 5 small bundles. This raw wool curly hair is great and very soft.

Wings: Lay one heart over the other one lining up the embroidered holes, run a length of gold cord through the holes and tie into a bow. Center the wings over Amy’s back and tack in place.

Bag: Make a freezer paper template of the Many Blessings bag. Press to the wrong side of double fabric RST. having the bottom of the bag on the fold of the fabric, sew both side edges, leave the top open. Print Many Blessings on the front of the bag with a gel pen. Fill the bag with fiber fil and tie with a length of gold cord.

Tack Amy’s hands together in front of her with a few stitches using a needle and thread. Place the bag in Amy’s arms.

Finishing: Tie and make bows around each wrist, feet and neck using the 1/8" metallic ribbon. Use the 2" x 3 ½" wired ribbon as her hair bow: Pinch the piece together in the center and with the metallic ribbon tie around the center to hold and then tie into a bow. Glue the bow to the top of her head using Grip glue. Use a straight pin to hold until the glue dries.

Copyright © 2006 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Kerry Seymour of Attic Rose Creations at and "Attic Rose Creations" blog. Kerry is a doll artist, doll maker and doll pattern designer. Kerry makes cloth dolls, polymer clay babies, clay gourds, and reborn vinyl babies. 

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