Sunday, October 01, 2006

Phobia by Andrea Pratt

I love this week's Illustration Friday topic: phobia. Looking around for ideas this morning I spotted our faux antique phone, which reminded me of my own borderline phone phobia. So, I photographed it using available light.

Then I cropped and photoshopped it slightly (see directly below) and printed it in greyscale using a black and white laser printer.

Next I drew a grid pattern on the print and coloured a few random squares (but not the phone) with various types of pens and pencils.

After that I cut the grid into pieces and glued them randomly onto a piece of pink construction paper.

I scanned the collage, cropped and photoshopped it a little more and voila: an illustration of the anxiety I used to feel as a child when faced with the telephone.

posted by Andrea Pratt July 3, 2006 on her "Colouring Outside The Lines" blog -

Copyright © 2006 - All Rights Reserved - Andrea Pratt. Andrea Pratt is an award-winning artist whose work is exhibited internationally.

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