Sunday, October 01, 2006

Creative Block Busters by Valerie Hearder

Tips to get creative juices flowing.

Creative thinking may simply be the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done. Rudolf Flesch - Educator

Make quickies, tiny collage compositions, to loosen up your creative response before settling into a big project. This is a potent way to jump start ideas.

Allow yourself down time, to day dream, stare at your fabric - ideas need incubation time.

Solitude. Often a luxury, but an essential ingredient for being creative. It may mean a small adjustments to your routine or you may have to fight like hell to get it - either way you have to have it.

Enter a competition or arrange a solo exhibition. Nothing like a deadline to motivate creative production and stretch creative vision.

Explore new materials. Creativity is a child of challenge - keep courting the unknown and move out of the safety zone.

Physical exercise is vital - it balances mind and body and keeps one grounded and clear headed.

Don't take on a challenge that you really dislike in the hopes that it will be good for you - it may breed resentment and that's not good for creative juice.

Don't worry about success or failure - just do the work because it needs to be expressed wether it's a great piece or not. It becomes a vital stepping stone to more interesting work.

Self improvement, stress management and inner work is all part of letting go of blocks to the creative flow. This is an ongoing process.

Experiment with different block buster techniques and find ones that work for you - for example: meditation or 5 minutes of relaxation and deep breathing does wonders to clear the mind and get you focused on creative work.

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