Monday, October 16, 2006

Covering A Lampshade by Julia Camilleri

Note: Julia posted "Covering A Lampshade" in three separate posts on her "Camille's Place" blog. It is being shown here in its entirety.

Yesterday afternoon, I started to cover one of the two lampshades I've been meaning to do for some time...

Sandra left a comment that she too has a shade to cover and needed some courage to go ahead and do it...So here goes Sandra...It really is quite easy.

You will need:
Bias tape to wind around frame
Fabric , and braid to match fabric, (Measure frame to estimate how much you will need)
Bead fringing or normal fringing
Quick clear drying tacky craft glue
Lots of pins

First off, start by covering the frame with the bias tape, this is so you will have something to glue the fabric panels to.

Next, take a piece of paper, big enough to cover one of the lampshade panels ... Place over the panel.
Press onto the wire panel to give you an outline for a pattern.

Cut out the paper pattern with an extra 3/4 inch (2.5cm) all around.

Now using this pattern...Cut out your fabric panels. My shade has eight panels.
If your fabric has a one way design on it...Make sure you cut the panels all in the same direction....
Now for the fun part..

Starting at the top of one of the panels.
Put some glue about 3-4 inches down on the covered wire panel ...Take fabric piece and place in position...Pin fabric piece to the bias tape underneath, pulling taut out to the sides as you go...Put plently of pins in, about every 3/4 inch or so.
Work your way down the panel... Doing a little bit at a time...Each time making sure the fabric is pulled very taut.
Once you apply the glue,you will need to work fairly quick as the glue dries very quickly.

Now go ahead and do every second panel, leaving one undone inbetween.
When every alternate panel is done, put aside overnight to allow the glue to completely dry.

I'll post the next stage tomorrow...

Lampshade....Next stage.

Before I go on to the next stage, I though I would answer a question put to me in the comments:
Do I line the lampshade covers?... No, I don't usually line it as I try to pick fabric that is not see through or flimsy, but I did line a CQ shade that I made for the "Through Your Eyes Challenge: If You Can Imagine It, CQ It". ...You can see the lampshade here . I did find it very tricky to do.
It had to be lined as to cover all the Cq thread and ribbon ends on the back.
All I did was...After I Cqed all the panels, I tacked a piece of lining fabric to the back of each panel and just glued the panels to the frame just as I'm doing now.
Calidore, left a comment that she has successfully used a glue gun to do her shade, I tried it but I found the glue a bit lumpy and the glue stick I used did not dry clear, it was a bit yellowish, but if you find it easier to use a glue gun , by all means do.
I will have to see if I can get better glue sticks, I must admit, the ones I
used were what I found in Dh's shed...

Remove the pins and with a pair of small sharp scissors carefully trim back the excess fabric to the frame.

This next stage is a little more fiddly as you now don't have the open panels to put your hand into.

Just repeat the same process as before for glueing and pinning the panels onto the frame, but be very careful not to put too much glue and have it swish out onto the next panel, just put a thin line of glue right on the frame rib..
Now leave the frame to dry as before....The glue I used is almost instant drying, and it's ready to use in a couple of hours.
As before, when the glue has completely dried, remove the pins and carefully trim back the excess fabric to the frame.
Now, it's just a matter of glueing the braid on the shade.
Back a little later when I've glued some braid on...

Drum Roll Please!!...Lampshade Finished

I'm back...

Braid and bead fringing is all on and the lampshade is finished...

Start by glueing the braid down all the ribs...In my case it was all eight ribs.

When the glue on the ribs has dried, start on one of the ribs and glue the braid around the top of the shade.
Glue the braid on top, so that it sits a little on both the front and inside the frame.
next, glue the braid around the bottom of shade...Make sure you cover the ends of the braid on the ribs.

Let the glue dry off again....

Then lastly glue on the fringing.
I like to glue the fringing around the bottom on the inside of the frame.
I have seen the fringing glued underneath the braid, but if I want to take the fringing off for whatever reason, I can without having to also pull off the braid....
It looks lovely as it is, but I'm tossing up whether to add some folded ribbon roses at the top of the shade ...

I do hope my instructions all made sense...

Now off to do the other shade..

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