Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Folk Art Painting-Transferring the Pattern by Debbie Hainline

Transferring your pattern on to your piece can sometime present problems....your pattern may not fit properly even on piece of cut wood ( this is because the wood may have changed size a bit from sanding or from the wood cutter not having the original pattern).

Place your pattern on the design area and line up the edges the best you can making sure the pattern is straight vertically and horizontally in the middle of the pattern.Other helpful hints to transferring a pattern are below.

Tape your pattern securely to the piece.

Choose correct piece of transfer paper for background. White transfer paper should be used on dark backgrounds and black or gray graphite on light backgrounds.

New graphite or transfer paper should be wiped with a paper towel to remove the excess otherwise your transfer will be to dark and smudges will appear on your piece. If this does happen carefully remove the smudges with a artist gum eraser ( this type of eraser will do less damage to your painted surface )

Slip your graphite paper between your piece and pattern making sure the graphite side is against the piece - I don't know how many times I have traced a pattern only to find out I have traced to the back of the pattern piece rather than the piece.

How much of the pattern should I trace is often the question ? I only trace the silhouette then basecoat and then go back in a trace the details in. Any details I feel comfortable free handing I do not trace.

Only use light pressure when tracing with your stylus other wise you will dent the surface. Begin at the top of your pattern and go in continuous path jumpy all around the pattern will only make you lose your place. You can always left your pattern and graphite very carefully to see where you are if you lose your place but be very careful and realign when placing it back or your pattern will be off.

When finished check your work carefully and remove any wrong placed lines or smudges with you artist gum eraser.

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