Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Folk Art Painting - Tracing Your Pattern By Debbie Hainline

Tracing a pattern is time consuming but it is important to trace a pattern accurately. Distortions can cause problems later . Below are a few tips I find helpful when tracing.

Always use tracing paper - it is much more transparent then other paper and will allow you to trace details accurately.

You can trace with the fine point of pencil or a mechanical pencil. I prefer fine tip black markers these do not smudge and smear giving me a much sharper line.

I will either tape or paper clip the tracing paper to the pattern. Be sure you trace on a nice flat surface to make your tracing more accurate and easier.

Tracing takes time so I like to store my finished tracing in a plastic sleeve in a 3 ring binder for future use with this I might add any notes, pictures, etc. making the next time I do this project easier. Be sure you note on the tracing where it came from- as your collection of patterns grows it will become difficult to remember what book, magazine, etc. that pattern originally came from.

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