Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fleecing Wool Felt by Debbie Hainline

To give wool felt that aged look making it perfect for crafting is very easy by following a few simple steps. This technique will only work on wool felt you can also do it with 100% wool fabric.

1. Using cold water wet the wool felt completely do not agitate. Colors should be done separately because dyes will be let loose and can run ( expect the water to change color)

2. Squeeze out by hand as much of the water as possible do not wring the fabric this will only stretch it and make the fibers weak.

3. Place the fabric in a dryer on the regular setting and nearly dry ( I find that this takes about 20 minutes in my dryer) Do not place both dark colored and light colored fabrics together they will bleed on to each other.*Place an old towel in the dryer after removing the fabric and continue to the drying cycle- this will remove any excess dye from your dryer.

4. Lay the fabric flat to finish drying smoothing out the wrinkles the best you can with your hand.

5. Press with a steam iron.

This fleeced wool felt in great for making sheep, crows, penny rugs and other primitive items . It may be tea stained to give it an even more worn look.

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